Julia Package Initialization

Creating a new Julia package is easiest if you create whatever.jl script to help establish the template, e.g.

cd some/path
touch whatever.jl

Then open this with VSCode. Once in VSCode, open the terminal and install PkgTemplates.jl if it’s not already installed:

add PkgTemplates

Then create a template with the options you want in your new package. The way I currently do this is:

using PkgTemplates

t = Template(;
    user = "ekholme", #or your git user.name
    license = "MIT",
    authors = ["Eric Ekholm"],
    julia_version = v"1.8", #or w/e version you want
    plugins = [


And then running this will create a new package (and set up all of your Git stuff if it’s already configured)